Irish Slots: What’s the craic?

Irish Slots: What’s the craic?

If you’ve ever played slot games online then you will most likely have noticed the sheer amount of slots with an Irish theme. These games are everywhere and they’re much loved by players, but why is this genre so popular?

Irish based casino games have been around for a long time, as the luck of the Irish is a pretty popular trope. These games can entice players in with a bit of green and gold, promising a trip to the Emerald Isle. This usually grabs players’ attention and gets them interested in having a few spins.

Within the Irish theme, there are loads of symbols and characters that can be used too. Traditionally lucky symbols like four leafed clovers and golden coins can fit really well in these games. With regards to characters, leprechauns and fairies are both fertile ground for slot game designers. These magical creatures are ideal for adding into a slot game as they can make it seem a bit more mystical. After all, we’d all love to have a spell cast on our balance!

Developers also tend to add in themed bonus rounds in these games too. This can take elements of the main game and add them into a rewarding mini game. Games like Rainbow Riches go down the route of using the main character of the leprechaun in the bonus round. This dancing creature helps to reward players by allowing them to stop his dance and claim a bonus multiplier.

The stereotypical Irish luck (and game title) is something that you’ll find in a lot of slot games. Some of these games even have the same, or very similar names to portray the theme. For instance, there’s more than one slot named Lucky Leprechaun, each by different developers. The common themes that you’ll find in these games are luck, loot and jackpots.

When these games are executed well, they can be incredibly fun to play on. Symbols like gold, harps, pints and poker symbols are generally used within these games. Soundtracks can also be used to make the theme more immersive. Folk tunes and fast paced jigs will play when you fire up these games, though you can always turn them off if you’re not a fan.

Slot sites such as Slot Shack usually put these games front and centre around St Patrick’s Day. For the weeks around the big event, players can usually snap up free spins and bonus codes for these games. This might tempt you into giving them a spin for the first time, which is exactly what the site wants you to do. These seasonal slot games are more popular than ever around these times, so you’ll want to make the most of them.

Some players find these games to simply be too cheesy, but it seems that these players are in the minority. Generally, Irish themed slots are among some of the more popular games on slots sites all year round. They seem to offer the right mix of fun and interesting features beyond the initial theme, which means players are eager to get spinning on them.

Irish themed games will most likely continue to be created, for all of the above reasons. Though we are seeing a move towards sleeker, more modern games players continue to be drawn to the Irish themed ones.

This is not likely to change anytime soon, so we’ll still see developers creating these games with brand new features. Slot games on the whole are seeing more players than ever spinning those reels with brand new features to make them enticing. We can’t wait to see which new games from the Emerald Isle come online next.