Top African themed slots

Top African themed slots

Most African countries have relaxed gambling laws both in terms of land-based gambling and also online gambling, this has resulted in Africa having most of the world’s slot machines. In Namibia, for instance, there is one slot machine for every 124 people which makes it the highest ratio (1:124) per capita in the world (more than Las Vegas or Macau!). with a number of online casinos such as extending their operations into Africa, its believed that much more people are going to engage in online gambling and slots will be the preference for many. Game developers, therefore, are taking note of this development and as a way of popularising their brands, they are developing African themed slots which they hope are going to be a hit with African players. Some of the African themed slots have already amassed large followings both on the continent and beyond.

Solomon’s mines

The mythical King Solomon’s mines believed to be located somewhere on the African continent have been existent in African folklore since time immemorial. The exact location of the King Solomon’s mines is unknown and is the reason why many have called it a myth and others a mystery. Archaeologists believe King Solomon’s mines are somewhere in East Africa while oral tradition in North Africa state that they maybe in Egypt while down south, oral tradition state that the mines are in located somewhere in modern day Zimbabwe. The King Solomon’s mines myth led WGS to develop a classic 3 reel, 5 payline slots game inspired by the myth. The game has symbols which represent wealth including red ruby stones, gold coins, green books, and a Penelope.

Hot Safari

For many outside Africa especially those looking forward to visiting the continent as tourists, most of the information they gather on Africa is that it is a great place for a safari. It has nice warm weather and has huge plains where one can hike on foot or hire a van and drive while catching a glimpse of different wildlife. This is indeed true (though Africa has another side apart from jungles only) and is exactly what Pragmatic Play exposes in Hot Safari, a 3 reel, 35 payline game inspired by the ultimate African adventure. As one would find on an African safari holiday, the background of the game is set against a savannah background with the symbols on the reels highlighting what one can find during an African adventure i.e. wildlife (lions, meerkats, elephants, eland, and zebras).

Legends of Africa

Microgaming also has its own African themed slot titled, Legends of Africa. The slot game is inspired by Africa’s wildlife. This is a 5 reel and 30 payline game but it is unique in comparison with other 5 reel slots in terms of design. It has two symbols on the 1st and 5th reels, three symbols on the 2nd and 4th reels and five symbols on the middle reel. Game symbols include a lion, cheetah, ibex, zebra, rhino, and an African girl.