Jackpot Guide

Jackpot Guide

We all play slots to hit a jackpot. We sit and spend our money with the hope that someday luck will smile upon us and that big day will come. It’s no secret that the chances of hitting a big payday are slim, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take every effort to improve your playing odds along the way. One such way to improve your playing odds is to play for the biggest jackpots out there, and you can’t do that if you don’t know which games have them.

Mega Money Mine is a three-reel slot with a $4.50 max bet. Three $1.50 credits per play pays out the full progressive jackpot, and if you only play two credits the pay out drops to 30% of it. Playing only one credit will get you 15% of the progressive. So despite the percentage payout for one or two credits, it still offers the most advantage to play the full three-credit max bet and play for 100% of it.

Red White and Win is a three-reel progressive that also has a percentage payout for one or two coins. It’s a stingy 10% and 5% on this game, so playing max bet is even more correct on this slot. The game is themed with patriotic symbols, and you’ll hit the big one if you can get three American Flags on the pay line in a row. Credits are worth $2.50 and the max bet is $7.50.

Treasure Rail is themed with old symbols of treasure like diamonds, gold bars, and skull and cross bones. Three symbols of X wins the big jackpot. Credits are $2 each, with the progressive paying out the max bet of $6. One bet gets 15% and two gets 25%.

Following the jackpots is a lot like playing the lottery. For the thousands of players that contribute to the jackpot, only one of the players gets the money. Chasing big jackpots will require a bigger bankroll than a normal slot game does because you’re playing max bet every spin, so make sure you can afford to lose the amount required for the sessions you want to play.