Pigskin Payout Slot

Pigskin Payout Slot

Pigskin Payout was released by Rival Gaming. It went live on December 1st 2008. The first of December was a Monday, so releasing the Pigskin Payout slot on the same day as Monday Night Football was probably not a coincidence.

The slot machine itself is a five reel video style slot game. The symbols you’ll find on the reels of this slot are right from the football playbook. You’ll find football players, cheerleaders, a referee, a fan snack tray, and even a stadium.

Pigskin Payout Slot

The more powerful symbols include the Cheerleader. In this slot, she’s WILD, and a Doubling-Wild at that. Any winning combination that you create by using her will double in value.

The big draw to the Pigskin Payout slot machine, and what helps set it apart from the other many Payline video slots that are out there is the Bonus Round. They call it the “Jackpot Can’t Lose” feature.

When free-spins are triggered, cheerleaders will fill the 1st and 5th reels making them completely wild. Every free spin is guaranteed to win, but with two reels completely wild on every spin, it’s even more likely to hit huge 5-icon wins.

So basically, when you finally land the Football Stadium Scatter symbols to unlock the free spins cycle, it is not a matter of hoping to land some winners, it’s a matter of how big they’re going to be

I like the idea of guaranteed rewards built into the free spin cycle of the slot machine.  I also noticed that the “return percentage” for this slot hovers at the 96% mark, at least according to blog I read the other day.

Another interesting twist listed on the slot description mentions that the sounds of the slot machine change completely during the Free Spins Cycle, so you can really tell that you’re in a bonus round, and not just spinning away as usual. That’s a touch that I think will be neat.

Coins and Paylines:  I already mentioned that there are 20 paylines on the machine. Players can wager up to 10 coins on each of the paylines. You’ll need to wager at least one coin on a payline for it to be active.

Coin sizes can vary, starting at one penny ($.01) per coin and going as high as $.25 – probably depending on the casino.

Overall: I like video slots, but I’m still a pretty simple person. The 96% return percentage does it for me.  The guaranteed Win Bonus Round certainly doesn’t hurt.

It’s worth a try if you feel nostalgic for some older slots!