3 Big Tips To Help You Understand Slot Games

When you’re playing slot games, it can be disappointing to not have any kind of win. Of course, there’s no sure fire way of winning – this is gambling after all. But with that said, there are some things you should know about to maximise your chances. Here, we’re going to reveal three big tips so be sure to keep reading to find out more.

Look At The RTP

Have you ever heard of RTP when perusing slot games? This is known as the Return To Player and it usually comes in the form of a percentage. Each slot game you play comes with a published RTP and all you need to do is have a look to see what percentage payout they’re offering. Top tip: look for an ‘i’ button to open an information section, sites like Slot Games offer this on just about all of their games.

A slot game with a high RTP such as 97% is a good bet as this is more likely to help you bag yourself a prize. While the prizes on slot games that have high RTPs might not always be the biggest, it’s on these games that you’re most likely to win. Continue reading “3 Big Tips To Help You Understand Slot Games”

Picking an Online Slot Casino

How should you pick through the crowd of online slot casinos? There are a few things players should look for, depending on their playing style and the experience they are looking for.

First of all – are you a high roller? Do you like to bet 25 or 50 bucks on a spin from time to time? These kinds of slot players exist, and there are online casinos which cater more to their desires. Any online casino running Rival Gaming technology (a software system that works “behind the scenes” to run the online slot) would be a good choice for a slots player looking for high maximum bet amounts. Specifically, Atomic Age (a game available all over the web casinos) is a popular Rival Gaming title with a max bet of £75.

Those of you looking for a slightly less expensive game have more options, as almost every mobile casino offers small minimum bets. The key to choosing an online slot destination, if you’re not looking to bet huge, is to look into bonus opportunities, friendliness of customer service, and site reliability. Continue reading “Picking an Online Slot Casino”

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming slots are slots game created by Microgaming Software that is now commonly played by millions of people through the internet as well as in the casinos. Slot machines have been quite popular during its introduction to the society and have since then evolved into different kinds, and Microgaming has made more innovations on it.

Benefits of the Microgaming Slots

Microgaming slots started as a three reel machine, but now, you can play Online Slots UK with up to 25 reels. There are also machines with reels numbering from 30 and even 40 with the payline also amounting to the same thing, so it really is considered to be an exciting game as well as a game of luck since you do not have the knowledge when the reels will stop. The fun part of playing at Microgaming slots is that the graphics included in the machine are quite attractive, and the payout can win you big prizes, depending on the type of slots you are playing. Continue reading “Microgaming Slots”

Top African themed slots

Most African countries have relaxed gambling laws both in terms of land-based gambling and also online gambling, this has resulted in Africa having most of the world’s slot machines. In Namibia, for instance, there is one slot machine for every 124 people which makes it the highest ratio (1:124) per capita in the world (more than Las Vegas or Macau!). with a number of online casinos such as netbet.co.uk extending their operations into Africa, its believed that much more people are going to engage in online gambling and slots will be the preference for many. Game developers, therefore, are taking note of this development and as a way of popularising their brands, they are developing African themed slots which they hope are going to be a hit with African players. Some of the African themed slots have already amassed large followings both on the continent and beyond.

Solomon’s mines

The mythical King Solomon’s mines believed to be located somewhere on the African continent have been existent in African folklore since time immemorial. The exact location of the King Solomon’s mines is unknown and is the reason why many have called it a myth and others a mystery. Archaeologists believe King Solomon’s mines are somewhere in East Africa while oral tradition in North Africa state that they maybe in Egypt while down south, oral tradition state that the mines are in located somewhere in modern day Zimbabwe. The King Solomon’s mines myth led WGS to develop a classic 3 reel, 5 payline slots game inspired by the myth. The game has symbols which represent wealth including red ruby stones, gold coins, green books, and a Penelope. Continue reading “Top African themed slots”

Slots Strategy

Although slot machines are considered more of a game of chance than skill, there are some things that you can do which will help you to increase your odds of winning.

While it is true that you can’t increase those odds by pushing the button a certain way, or waiting a certain amount of seconds before you push it again; there are some other things you can do to improve your chances of winning. By following this slot strategy you will see that you will come out ahead a little more than you may have before.

The first thing you want to do is to find an online casino that provides you with the slots you will look forward to playing. Verify that the site has been around for awhile and that it is fairly popular. This will let you know that the casino does a good job of keeping players coming back and that they have a lot to offer. Most popular online casinos will let you play slots for free and for real money. Make sure to play a couple of spins for free to see if that particular slot game is something you will enjoy playing before placing a bet with your money. Take a look at Real Money slots online for a list of free slot games that is updated regularly with new slots machines. Continue reading “Slots Strategy”

Playing slots with Bitcoin

Easily the most popular of the online casino games, online slots offer even more variation than those found at brick and mortar casinos. Major software providers consistently release new games to keep up with the players’ thirst for fresh, exciting slot game play. Online Slots also provide free slots play, another advantage over their land-based counterpart, as is the comfort of being able to play your favorite casino slot games at home. There are also many depositing options you can use when playing slots online. Everything from traditional payment methods such as credit cards to popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin slot games are now available online for those interesting in depositing money via popular Bitcoin wallets.

Bitcoin slots

There are numerous variations of casino slots available 24/7 from trusted online casinos. The most basic, Classic Slots and Video Slots, incorporate a host of attractive bonus features, catering to the players’ preference in casino slots excitement.

Classic Reel Slots

Reel slots, though not as flashy as the Video Slot games, are the simplist to play and a favorite of many slots players. They feature three spinning reels, and one, three, or five paylines. When winning combinations of symbols line up on the selected paylines, players win the amount designated on the paytable for that particular combination. Classic Reel Slots often offer opportunities for huge jackpots, another reason for their popularity. Continue reading “Playing slots with Bitcoin”

Irish Slots: What’s the craic?

If you’ve ever played slot games online then you will most likely have noticed the sheer amount of slots with an Irish theme. These games are everywhere and they’re much loved by players, but why is this genre so popular?

Irish based casino games have been around for a long time, as the luck of the Irish is a pretty popular trope. These games can entice players in with a bit of green and gold, promising a trip to the Emerald Isle. This usually grabs players’ attention and gets them interested in having a few spins.

Within the Irish theme, there are loads of symbols and characters that can be used too. Traditionally lucky symbols like four leafed clovers and golden coins can fit really well in these games. With regards to characters, leprechauns and fairies are both fertile ground for slot game designers. These magical creatures are ideal for adding into a slot game as they can make it seem a bit more mystical. After all, we’d all love to have a spell cast on our balance!

Developers also tend to add in themed bonus rounds in these games too. This can take elements of the main game and add them into a rewarding mini game. Games like Rainbow Riches go down the route of using the main character of the leprechaun in the bonus round. This dancing creature helps to reward players by allowing them to stop his dance and claim a bonus multiplier.

The stereotypical Irish luck (and game title) is something that you’ll find in a lot of slot games. Some of these games even have the same, or very similar names to portray the theme. For instance, there’s more than one slot named Lucky Leprechaun, each by different developers. The common themes that you’ll find in these games are luck, loot and jackpots. Continue reading “Irish Slots: What’s the craic?”

Casino TV Ads That Have Done It Right

If you are watching TV in practically any country where online gambling is legal, you will most likely be inundated with an overwhelming amount of ads from different online casinos and sportsbooks – particularly if its match day.

While a lot of them seem content to put out a generic Ad that merely advertises their services in a straightforward fashion, other casinos have taken a more ingenious approach in order to set themselves apart from the pack, and grab the viewer’s attention. With literally hundreds of different casinos competing for players, it is more important now than ever to truly capture viewers’ imagination and remind them what it is about betting that they enjoy so much, and how you understand it better than anyone out there.

With that in mind, let’s take at a few of the Ads that have truly managed to think outside the box and showcase their product in innovative, entertaining and often hilarious ways that have viewers racing towards their mobile phones to sign up for an account.

William Hill – Online Casino

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/

William Hill’s “Online Casino” ad is an audio visual experience that absolutely nails the excitement, fun and glamour of being in a casino, and translates that to the online world by humorously showing online casino players as if they were physically present in a brick and mortar casino.

By doing this, they manage to convey the perks of not having to follow the proper casino etiquette like a dress code (or having to dress at all!), not putting your feet up on the table, or not eating cooking on the felt. You get all of the fun of playing at a real casino without the need the comfort of your own home – no matter what your definition of comfort may be. Basically, the ad playing online you can do whatever you please to do, perfectly exemplified by William Hill’s motto at the time: “Your game, your rules”.

Ninja Casino –Ninjacasino.com

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/

A man is in the toilet with another man, and he comes out counting a stack of his newly earned money. I know what you would assume happened here, but in this crazy ad by Ninja Casino there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this that is completely innocent!

In this short and simple 20 second ad, Ninja Casino manages to convey several key messages about its brand to entice its viewers. First of all, they are very mobile friendly and can be played from virtually anywhere, anytime you have a free moment. Secondly, they manage to use humor and their mascot, the ninja, to capture viewers’ attentions and reinforce their brand. Finally, and most importantly, they showcase their ultra-fast cashouts, which allow you access to your winnings within an impressive 15 minutes. You can read more about their lightning speed cashouts at ninjacasinobonus.

Paddy Power – Turnaround Steward!

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/

“Turnaround Steward!” is one of the latest ads in the irreverent Paddy Power’s latest campaign celebrating sports’ unsung heroes singing about their thankless jobs to the tune of classic pop songs. In this ad a football steward serenades us with the plights of having to face away from the action and take the jeers of the crowds to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, while the crowd calls back to him to “turn around steward”.

While the steward has to put up with these hardships, in the end he gets the final laugh as he bets on the opposing side to win on Paddy Power’s mobile app, and gets the thrill of comeuppance as he sees the crowd wallows in misery as their rivals score off the bar. While the ad itself does little to showcase Paddy Power’s app, it is undeniable that it’s bound to catch your attention with its utter cheeky brilliance. You beauty indeed!

Ladbrokes – Hydraplus

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/

If Ladbrokes’ “Hydraplus” TV spot doesn’t grab bettors attention, I don’t know what possibly could. Filmed in the same boilerplate gym setting as your typical sports drink commercial, the ad you thought you were watching is suddenly interrupted as Chris Kamara, the football player cum spokesperson, gets a football to the face and our overly excited, football crazed director takes over to let us know this is no time for sports drinks: Football is on! Bet in play! Now!

Not only does this ad grab viewer’s attention by posing as a faux sports drink ad and then interrupting it with total madness, but since it is usually played during halftime of a football match, it also reflects the timeliness and urge to open and account and deposit in time for the second half action.

Jackpot Guide

We all play slots to hit a jackpot. We sit and spend our money with the hope that someday luck will smile upon us and that big day will come. It’s no secret that the chances of hitting a big payday are slim, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take every effort to improve your playing odds along the way. One such way to improve your playing odds is to play for the biggest jackpots out there, and you can’t do that if you don’t know which games have them.

Mega Money Mine is a three-reel slot with a $4.50 max bet. Three $1.50 credits per play pays out the full progressive jackpot, and if you only play two credits the pay out drops to 30% of it. Playing only one credit will get you 15% of the progressive. So despite the percentage payout for one or two credits, it still offers the most advantage to play the full three-credit max bet and play for 100% of it.

Red White and Win is a three-reel progressive that also has a percentage payout for one or two coins. It’s a stingy 10% and 5% on this game, so playing max bet is even more correct on this slot. The game is themed with patriotic symbols, and you’ll hit the big one if you can get three American Flags on the pay line in a row. Credits are worth $2.50 and the max bet is $7.50.

Treasure Rail is themed with old symbols of treasure like diamonds, gold bars, and skull and cross bones. Three symbols of X wins the big jackpot. Credits are $2 each, with the progressive paying out the max bet of $6. One bet gets 15% and two gets 25%.

Following the jackpots is a lot like playing the lottery. For the thousands of players that contribute to the jackpot, only one of the players gets the money. Chasing big jackpots will require a bigger bankroll than a normal slot game does because you’re playing max bet every spin, so make sure you can afford to lose the amount required for the sessions you want to play.

Online Slots Deposit Bonus

Are you interested in playing online slots and earning bonus money? Many online casinos offer players bonus money when they make a deposit on the site. While this money can’t immediately be withdrawn from the players account, it can be used to play slot games. And any winnings after the bonus meets the casinos requirements belong to the player. That means you!

Freespins365.co.uk take a look at the various bonus offers out there and provide you information on the amounts offered by various online casinos. You can check the bonus amount against the casinos rating and make the best choice about which slot site to visit to get the best bonus available for you.

Slots Deposit Bonus

Now, when you take advantage of a casinos bonus money offer, you want to be an educated player and know what information to look for before making your deposit. First, check the games that can be played using the bonus money. Slots players are usually the lucky players when it comes to bonuses since the best bonus offers are usually offered for slot games. Then check to see what the play-through requirements are. Play through requirements dictate how many times you have to wager the bonus money, and often your original deposit, before you are able to withdraw your winnings or use the money to play other games. The lower the play through number, the better the bonus offer is. Continue reading “Online Slots Deposit Bonus”